Since 1963


Founded on November 22nd, 1963 by Mr. Ouellette, his wife, and her brother, Acier Ouellette opened its first warehouse and distributed its steel in the Laurentians.



Moving in 1964

In 1964, due to growing demand, Mr. Ouellette had to relocate. He bought a piece of land on the banks of a small river in Lafontaine and built his new warehouse as well as his home there.

Every spring, the water rose and flooded his warehouse, which made his steel rust. It then became easier to sell, since at that time, certain customers believed that blue steel was of lower quality than rusted steel. Times sure have changed!


1964 - 1970

1964 - 1970

From 1964 to 1970, then made up of 5 employees, people came to the Lafontaine warehouse to buy their steel.

In 1977, Acier Ouellette decided to make a major investment by buying a 10,000 ft.2 building with a bridge crane. This factory and warehouse are still the ones that haise our current options.


Since 1980

New acquisition

In 1980, the company was finally purchased by Mr. Colin Shaw. From then on, the company changed its approach a little and only provided new steel.

Over the years, we went from 12 to 45 employees.

In 1982, the steel purchasing group Transbec was founded, and Acier Ouellette was one of its founding members.

acier-ouellette-histoire-1986 acier-ouellette-histoire-1980-employes

Since 1986

Increase of the Labor

At that point, we went from 12 to 45 employees. 1982 was the year the buying group Acier Transbec was founded, Acier Ouellet Inc. being one of its founding members

1986Nothing can StopACIER OUELLETTE

As soon as we brought computer technology in in 1986, there were no limits to what Acier Ouellette could offer to its customers!


Since the years 2000

The years2000...

In the years 2000, we decided to change our approach and became more specialized in order to answer to the growing needs of our customers. We have brought in a quality control system, have acquired digital saws, oxycutters and added a wide range of specialty metals to choose from.

After expanding 5 times, we now own 75,000 ft2 of total surface, 86 employees and have acquired 300,000 ft2 of land located on Boulevard Rolland Godard where we might build another building when the time is right. We also acquired the 25 John F. Kennedy, the building right in front of our office where you have parked a couple of months ago. This 40,000 ft2 building and its 160,000 ft2 land is also situated right beside Highway 15.




Today, after 5 expansions, Acier Ouellette is now made up of 150 employees and 75,000 ft.2 of floor space. After acquiring a second piece of land and the building across the street from our warehouse, we’re pursuing our development projects with confidence. Our mission remains promptly meeting the needs of our customers regarding steel distribution and processing, and we’re constantly evolving to maintain our position as a leader.